Clarence – Boss wants shortcuts

‘Dear Kate’ request with answer. Request: My work has become extremely stressful. I am in charge of a large project. There are some problems, which will result in the project being late. My boss tells me to cut corners and get the project out on time. It is not the first time this happens. I need the job, and so far I have always complied. But this time I have a real hard time. Please pray for a miracle.

Peter – Anxiety and Fears

‘Dear Kate’ request with answer. Request: I am crippled by fears and have become very passive. I take medication and get counseling, but they don’t seem to help. My wife told me you have a prayer that works and that I should write to you. I do not believe in God, but am willing to do anything to get rid of the panic attacks. Please help!

Crossing my Jordan

This blog is about my journey and goals becoming a Christian life and executive coach. When I crossed my Jordan, the Atlantic, I began my new life. I could not live without Jesus anymore. So I moved to Lynchburg, Virginia and started from scratch. I wanted to experience Christian thinking and lifestyle within the Bible Belt.