Unblock your Blessings!

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Many lives are marked by complexity, ethical challenges, a lack of vision, life stops, by situational loneliness, or other challenges. I help you make sense of them using a Christian perspective. My Chrisitan life and executive coaching method yield ideas and methods so that you can confidently move forward and unblock your blessings.

Whether you are an individual or a member of a team, you may use my posts as inspiration. When you book my Christian coaching services, I help you sort out your challenges and find solutions for your particular situation.

Services092The Lord’s prayer serves as the foundation of my coaching services. My article on “The Lords’ Prayer” describes how Jesus addressed our needs and behaviors.  My post “The Prayer Pyramid” describes the methodology I use to assess your situation. I work with individuals and teams through online, email, phone and in-person coaching sessions. Read more in the FAQs of my Christian life and executive coaching services.

Blog092My first blog “Crossing my Jordan to Become a Christian Life and Executive Coach” describes my journey to my new life calling. Other articles discuss how to apply Bible texts in real life, be it privately or professionally. You can use the methods and foundations on your own or within my Christian coaching services. Read my blog and get a sense of the basis of my coaching.

Kate092Send me your prayer requests, and I will pray for you. I use the Lord’s Prayer to analyze your problem from the information I am given, give you insights and short action plans from the helicopter perspective. Themes cover anxiety, affairs, unemployment, money, work situations, and more. I change names and simplify prayers before publishing. To get more detailed ideas, book a coaching session. Read the prayer requests.

Katharina092To trust me, you need to get a sense of me, my values, education, and experiences. My life is full of blessings, challenges, and change. While it took me a while to get there, I have since then learned to listen, trust and be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I have moved from secular to Christian thinking. Born again, I live a new life, fulfilled in Jesus. I invite you to learn from my life to tackle your life and work challenges. Read more about me.

Contact092I help individuals and teams to work on and overcome personal challenges. Contact me to ask more questions, book my coaching services, submit your prayer requests, provide feedback, or to tell me anything else you have on your mind. I like to be in touch with my readers.