Unblock your Blessings!

We want to be happy. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Luckily, there is help for difficult times. As your life coach, I can help you get through them and learn and make the needed changes.


My life coaching goal is to help you understand and address your life’s challenges through the Christian faith lenses. I have created specific proprietary methods for personalized coaching based on the Lord’s Prayer. By following a defined coaching method, you get quick results with just a few coaching sessions. We quickly uncover the issues and then move on towards creating and implementing a strategy to resolve them. The plan usually involves changing either thoughts or behaviors. I help you navigate the change and provide as much support as desired.

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You control the amount of my involvement. Whenever you want help with a decision, I recommend a single session. The same holds for getting pointers on handling an issue or getting insights into a single problem. Weekly coaching is needed if you want me to help you with the change. Monthly coaching is ideal when you want to check-in periodically and monitor your progress. I usually work with healthy people. Contact me for more information or to order coaching sessions.


Do you want to learn more about me or my philosophy? I regularly publish tools and information you can use to improve your life on your own. Here are a few of my blogs:

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