Forgiveness Coaching

Did you get hurt in the past? Do you harbor grudges? Can’t let go? Do you have problems with relationships?man and woman wearing brown leather jackets

Research from Steiner Coaching shows that unforgiven offenses severely impact our thinking and behaviors, thus messing up our relationships. The Blessing Blocker Test shows that most people who hold grudges ask for better families and do not have enough friends.

The goal of Forgiveness Coaching is to remove the adverse effect of past hurts. I have developed a proprietary coaching method, so you can cut the bond created with the aggressor. You get not only your relationships back but also your future.

The Coaching Methodology

The general methodology is described on the Christian Life Coaching page.

Forgiving is not easy and involves multiple steps. The harm suffered is considered an emotional wound and treated as such. My forgiveness program addresses all elements of the injury you suffered. Step-by-step, we go through the entire process of forgiving: cleaning, healing, and removing the scars. By completing this forgiveness program, you will be released from the bondage of past harm so that you can move forward and live your life to the fullest.

All coaching is done virtually per phone or online.

Start the Process

Start by ordering your coaching. To get the best results, subscribe to weekly sessions.

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