Christian Life Coaching

When should you consider hiring me as your Christian life coach?

Do you have problems with relationships? Are you always worrying? Do you hold grudges? Do you not hear what God tells you? Do you face all kind of challenges? Do you have items on your Blessing Blocker Test, which need to be improved? Do you need to make changes, you don’t like? Together we can address these issues quickly.

Hire Your Christian Life Coach

The Lord’s Prayer is the foundation of my life coaching services

Your relationship with Jesus is central to my coaching. Given that the Lord’s Prayer covers most, if not all problems, I created a proprietary method using this gift from Jesus as the basis. The Blessing Blocker Test serves as the baseline and roadmap. Within this framework, we will improve the areas of your life that bother you the most.

Read more about the foundations of my coaching method: The Lord’s PrayerThe Prayer Pyramid.

Hire Your Christian Life Coach

How does it work?

We set goals. We agree on a plan. As your Christian life coach, I will not only listen but also ask questions and point out new options. You decide, which ones you want to implement. At the end of every consultation, you should:

  • Have gained some knowledge on the issue troubling you
  • Have at least one tool or approach on how to handle it
  • Have homework for practicing what you learned or moving forward
  • Have a clear understanding what the session was about
  • Know what the next consultation will be about

We agree on the next steps. We work as a team. We move forward – with and in Jesus.

Hire Your Christian Life Coach

When should you consider different help?

I work with psychologically healthy people. If you have physical or psychological problems, you should consult with a physician, counselor or psychiatrist first.

I believe that God loves all people on earth. However, given that I base my coaching on Jesus’ teachings, it is most likely most beneficial to followers of Jesus. The Christian perspective is quite different from other religions or the secular view. Hence, if you a not a Christian, try my coachings if you feel you need a new approach and nothing you did so far has helped. Maybe this is Jesus’ way to invite you into His kingdom!

Whatever your situation, please use the appropriate help available to you. It is about your life!

Next steps

Are you ready to improve your life? Check out pricing! Learn about phone coaching, email coachingin-office coaching, and compare the three coaching plans. Then decide which one works best for you. My coaching is affordable to any budget.

Don’t wait! Don’t waste your time. Sign up and get rolling. Start feeling good!

Hire Your Christian Life Coach