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New Virtual Christian Life Coaching Method Using Text Messages (SMS)

The Text (SMS) coaching is ideal when you want to

  • quickly discuss a topic,
  • get an answer to a question,
  • run an idea by someone neutral and have some feedback,
  • get an idea when you need one,
  • talk to someone,
  • and any other scenarios.

The coaching is intended to be kept short, 15 minutes maximum and affordable to anyone.

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Forgiveness Life Coaching Program

Forgiveness is key to healthy relationships. The Blessing Blocker Test shows that people who hold grudges ask for better families and do not have enough friends. You can read more about the findings on my post “Four Ways that Holding a Grudge Messes Up our Lives and How to Fix It.”

My Forgiveness Coaching guides you through the process when you hold grudges but do not know how to forgive. It consists of two phone consultations and proceeds according to a specific method I developed. Once you have completed this program, you are set free from the hurt you experienced. You then can use this process on your own to forgive other people.

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Unblocking your Blessings

Do you want to improve your life and unblock your blessings? Do you know where to start? Do you have problems with relationships? Are you always worrying? Do you hold grudges? Do you not hear what God tells you? Do you face all kind of challenges?

I use a spiritual method to unblock your blessings. It starts by taking the Blessing Blocker Test. The results show us what to start working on first. Together we tackle your challenges.

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My Christian Life Coaching Method

Your relationship with Jesus is central to my coaching. Given that the Lord’s Prayer covers most, if not all problems, I created a proprietary method using this gift from Jesus as the basis. The Blessing Blocker Test serves as the baseline and roadmap. Within this framework, we will improve the areas of your life that bother you the most.

Read more about the foundations of my coaching method: The Lord’s PrayerThe Prayer Pyramid.

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Life Coaching Scope

I work with psychologically healthy people. If you have physical or psychological problems, you should consult with a clinical professional first.


Next Steps

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