Christian Life Coaching

My life coaching goal is to help you understand and address your life’s challenges through the lenses of faith. My coaching specialties are

My Coaching Methodology

Most problems can be resolved quickly when properly addressed. I have created specific methods for both types of coaching.  You can read about them on their respective pages.


By following clear coaching programs based on the Bible, we reduce the coaching sessions needed to fix the problem. We quickly uncover what matters, then move on towards creating a strategy to resolve the issues. The plan usually involves changing either thoughts or behaviors. I help you navigate the change and provide as much support as desired.

During your coaching sessions, I help you find answers using proprietary tools and active listening. I believe in a team approach and our sessions are dialogues full of questions, answers, and feedback. You get insights and new ideas as we go. At times, I may push you and use a contrarian approach to stimulate understanding and sharpen priorities. This method gets you out of circular thinking, the first requirement for change. Given that only the truth yields progress, I require you to be truthful and will be frank and open in my feedback even when it is uncomfortable for either one of us.

Another hallmark of my coaching is that you will get homework after each coaching session. My coaching is not passive or entertainment. It is hard work. But this method will not only speed up the resolution of the problem but also yield personalized solutions.

Ordering Coaching Sessions

You control the amount of my involvement. Order a single coaching session, if you want some neutral feedback on a decision, get some pointers on handling an issue, or quick insights into a single problem. Weekly coaching is needed if you are serious about change. The meetings follow the appropriate coaching plan. Monthly coaching are ideal when you want to check-in periodically and monitor your progress.

Order either a single coaching session, a weekly or monthly subscription depending on your needs. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime. All coaching is done virtually per phone or online.


If you have a physical or psychological diagnosis, you should consult with a clinical professional first.