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As a Christian Life and Executive Coach, I am committed to coach you how to deal with life and work challenges in a Christian manner.

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Christian Life Coaching

I work with psychological healthy people and help them make changes in their lives. These are my main Christian life coaching choices:

  • 1 life coaching session:  Discuss your situation and get your questions answered in a single coaching session.
  • 4 life coaching sessions: Get a discount when you want to make changes or address intense matters.

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Blessing Portal

The Blessing Portal gives you access to the Blessing Blocker Test, the Report, and Do-it-yourself Coaching resources.

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Blessing Blocker Test

Know if and how you block the blessings. After taking the Blessing Blocker Test, you can start fixing the blockage with all the information at your fingertips. Take the free test.

Do-it-yourself Coaching

Get information from my blog posts: Dear-Kate responses, illustrations from the Bible and adaptations to human needs, detailed write-ups of various topics. They are all free.

My posts “The Basics: The Lord’s Prayer” and “The Prayer Pyramid” describe the foundation of my coaching method and the focus of my articles.

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