My Services

As a Christian Life and Executive Coach, I am committed to coach you how to deal with life and work challenges in a Christian manner. 

I believe we achieve the best results when we deal with problems on a regular basis. Keep the coaching as long, but no longer than needed.

My coaching is based on the Lord’s Prayer. I discuss the method in my posts “The Basics: The Lord’s Prayer”  and “The Prayer Pyramid“.

I work with psychological healthy people. If you need psychological counseling, please contact a counselor.

Blessing Blocker Test

Know if and how you personally block the blessings.

After taking the blessing blocker test, you can start fixing the blockings with all the information at your fingertips.

Take the free test.

My Coaching Plans

Ongoing Email Plan: Coaching is done through email. Read more.

Standard Phone Plan: Get coaching in weekly phone sessions. Read more.

In Office Coaching Plan: Get your weekly coaching in my office. Read more.