The Blessing Blocker Test

Testing for Spiritual Blockages

Spiritual issues are the most fundamental blocks of our blessings. Removing them is the basis for addressing our shortcomings. How do we know where to begin?

Here comes the Blessing Blocker Test into play. It uses the Prayer Pyramid method to measure where you stand. The test contains 36 questions and evaluates 6 dimensions.

You can take the test as often as you wish and monitor your progress. It is free!

Take the Blessing Blocker Test

The Report

Once you answered the questions, you can read the report. It shows what works well so that no matter what happens in your life, you can trust your strengths. However, the report also displays your weaknesses, the areas that need improvement. Most importantly, it identifies the parts that hurt you the most. Thus, you can prioritize what you need to improve first.

You can read the report as often as you wish. It always shows the results of the test last taken. Access to the report is free.

Take the Blessing Blocker Test

Improving your Life

Once you have taken the test and looked at the results, you can start making changes. The coaching section gives you tips to consider on each topic. You can turn these ideas into practice using the homework section. This basic coaching is free.

Take the Blessing Blocker Test

Individual Coaching Provides More Help

You can get further help by ordering my coaching services. They are affordable. Read more about my life coaching services.

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