Peter – Anxiety and Fears

Dear Kate,
I am crippled by fears and have become very passive. I take medication and get counseling, but they don’t seem to help. My wife told me you have a prayer that works and that I should write to you. I do not believe in God, but am willing to do anything to get rid of the panic attacks.
Please help!

Dear Peter,

I am praying for you. However, I do not ask God to remove your fears since they are signs of your separation from God. Consider yourself happy to have them! It shows that God cares about you, that he is inviting you to get on board. I can see only two ways that your panic attacks will subside. You continue your rebellion against God and get completely lost, or you accept Jesus in your life. The decision is all yours. I pray for you to make the right choice. In the meantime, keep taking your medication and stay in (hopefully Christian) counseling.

Warm regards,

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