Life Coaching in my Office

Get face-to-face Christian life coaching in my office in Lynchburg, Virginia. Check out pricing and order/reorder my coaching services.

Key Elements of In-office Coaching Sessions

Face-to-Face: We work on your concerns through consultations in my office. We stay focused on the task by keeping the interactions to fifty minutes per consultations. I use an additional ten minutes to prepare for the meeting, work on solutions, and for weekly coaching plans to write you a short email with the decisions and actions.

Appointment: We schedule the in-office coaching sessions ahead of time. For weekly in-office coaching, the appointment is on the same weekday and time throughout your plan. Renewing customers have priority over new customers when selecting the time slot. If we need to cancel an appointment ahead of time, we reschedule it. If you do not call or I cannot reach you, you forfeit the right to a rescheduled meeting.

Christian: We work on your problems in a Christian way. All customers are on my prayer list.

Blessing Blocker Test: To work effectively and efficiently, all customers take the Blessing Blocker Test before coaching starts.

Affordable: All fees need to be paid in advance and are non-refundable. I make my services affordable for most people by keeping my coaching fees very low. All services are renewable.

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