About Me, Katharina Steiner

As a Christian Life and Executive coach, my mission is to bring Jesus to you and your business so that you can benefit from it. I use my personal and professional experience, my education and my love for God and people in my coachings.

My background is multifold on various levels. I spent the first twenty-one years in German-speaking Switzerland. After completing nursing school, I moved to the French part of Switzerland. Working at the University Hospital of Lausanne, I learned to work in a different culture and language. Getting certified in Intensive Care Nursing, I took care of patients with any life-threatening illness, surgery or trauma. I then moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds to manage an Intensive Care Unit. During my years in the intensive care unit, I saw the impact of emotions on people’s health, learned to detect and act upon critical situations, witnessed death several times, performed well under high stress, and developed my organizational and people management skills.

Moving to California, I restarted my life becoming a mother and finding new friends. I jumpstarted my career by getting Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics from the University of California Santa Cruz, receiving several awards (Highest Honors in Economics, High Honors in Mathematics and College Honors). As a Product Manager for medical devices, I used my clinical and organizational skills to manage the worldwide launch of several products. Moving on, I enjoyed analyzing the market potential of medical devices, medical imaging equipment, and IT products as an Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. To find a better work-life balance, I ventured into opening my own consulting business, combining my research skills with the creativity of web design and programming, which I had learned along the way. I helped companies identifying their customers’ product needs, set up web presences, and marketed products and services. After separating from my husband, I got back into the corporate world as a User Experience and Marketing Manager at a social media startup within the financial industry. I dove into the highly analytical field of web marketing while watching the collapse of the economy before losing my job in the great recession.

Picking up the pieces, I took a leadership position at the 650-year old University Hospital of Berne and moved back to Switzerland. I managed the business intelligence of nursing and was part of several hospital-wide operational planning and financial review teams. When I got back into consulting, I specialized in the field of innovation and helped companies with product line decisions and business model generations. I kept abreast of the many trends that are currently revolutionizing our lives such as Big Data, Block Chain Technology, Internet of Things, Open Innovation, and more.

Moving back to the US in early 2017, I wanted a deeper connection with God and faith. Having lived a life full of changes and thrills, I knew that working for God is the most important job of all. From motherhood, three professions in various fields, promotions and leadership positions, divorce, job loss, living in three cultures, working in both small and large as well as startup and dinosaur companies, and three intercontinental moves I have learned that everything is better and more fruitful when sanctioned by God. While I used to choke His fruits with my belief systems and actions, I finally figured out how to unblock His blessings. I finally found peace, joy, and blessings in all circumstances.

Today I love focusing my private and professional life on Jesus. I feel blessed every day that I have the chance to do so. As a Christian life and executive coach, I want to help you do your part, so you also can fully receive God’s blessings. God is inviting you to be part of His glory.

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