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Katharina SteinerAs a Christian life coach, my mission is to help you improve your life based on the teachings of Jesus. I use my personal and professional experience, my education and my love for God and people in my coaching.

Since being saved, faith has become very important to me. I learned that spiritual health is more important than physical or economic health. I very much enjoy the peace Jesus instills in me and am grateful for His presence in my life.

My spiritual path is to grow my understanding of God, to live out His purpose, and to become more and more Christ-like. I believe in the three processes of spiritual formation: think-act-feel (TAF). My life has shown me that growth comes from changes in thoughts and actions. Feelings serve as my indicators of where I stand and thus are critical in the analysis of the direction of my life.

My background is multifold and spans cultures and professions. I grew up in German-speaking Switzerland. After completing nursing school, I moved to the French part before moving to California. I spent many years in the Monterey Bay before returning for a few years to Switzerland. I live now in Lynchburg, Virginia. Professionally, I got multiple degrees and worked in various industries and professions. I like to work with people, perform analysis and improve situations.

My coachings are based on my personal experience and the journey of my faith, and of course, inspired by the Holy Spirit. I incorporate the insights gained from these cultural and professional experiences, as well as my formal and informal education in the fields of health, business, and faith. My goal is to help you find direction, bridge division, and most importantly, use the spiritual perspective to improve your life. God is inviting you to be part of His glory!

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