Jim – Needs money blessings

Dear Kate,
Please pray for money blessings.
Thank you,

Dear Jim,

I am praying that you will get the amount you need. Please keep in mind that money problems are concerns that build faith (see my post “The Prayer Pyramid“).

Here is my 10-step plan for you:

  1. If you have accepted Jesus in your life, stay calm. Don’t stress it. Help is on its way. If not, get on board very, very, very quickly!
  2. Don’t worry, plan. While you need to plan your finances, God does not want you to worry about money. Focus on the important stuff each day. Worrying is not one of them.
  3. Ask Jesus to help you (I hope you already did so).
  4. Listen carefully to what the Holy Spirit tells you what you need to do to get His plan working.
  5. Obey all of His demands. Do not leave out a single one!
  6. Watch out that your personal plan does not cross the Lord’s plan for you.
  7. Focus on how you can get closer to God and build your faith. This task will take the focus off your worries.
  8. If you have not received your blessing yet, I recommend you to praise the Lord and say thanks to Him. He is already working on your behalf.
  9. Once you receive your blessing, praise the Lord and share your story. Please write to me and comment.
  10. Enjoy your life!

I hope this helps you. Warm regards,

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