Flower – Invited a Ghost

Dear Kate,

I bought a house not long ago. A family member did some witchcraft in it. Since then a ghost lives in the house. He makes noises all the time, and I have become depressed. Please pray.


Dear Flower,

I am praying for you. However, there are also several actions you need to take. The first action is to get your depression treated by a counselor. I cannot help you with that.

Now, let’s have a look at the ghost living in your house. It looks like your family member invited him into your home using witchcraft. You MUST get the spirit out of your home! You can do this with the help of Jesus. Here are the actions I have recommended to you on the phone:

  • Ask Jesus for help. Pray with a loud voice in the name of Jesus. Ask the ghost to leave the house.
  • Fill your heart with Jesus. Read the Bible every day and stay very close to Jesus.
  • Fill your home with Jesus. Play loud Christian music all day long.

I had a few afterthoughts after our conversation. Maybe you do not like music or do not have access to it (although there are plenty of Christian radios). If so, figure out a different way to have Jesus present at all times in your home. One such method would be to put a Bible in every room and read it in a loud voice each time you enter a room. Be creative. The goal is that the ghost is confronted with Jesus in your home at all times. Remember how Jesus chased the demons away in Mark 5. This story would make for great reading.

I also promised you I would delve deeper into the matter. Hence, I analyzed it through the lenses of the Prayer Pyramid and realized that you need to do more. There are six parts to the PyramidPrayerPyramid2_324: Accept, Trust, Ask, Need, Sin, and Lure. Let’s analyze the situation.

1. Accept: By inviting witchcraft into your home, you pushed Jesus aside. You can undo this by clearly stating to Jesus that you accept Him and Him alone as your Savior. You must also get rid of all other gods in your life and home. Do not even look at them. Remember, God told us that He is a jealous God. You would not want to share your partner with someone else, either. God does not want to share you with other Gods. The Bible is full of stories that show us how angry God gets when brushed aside. Try to feel what He d about your thoughts and actions. Then act accordingly.

2. Trust: Trust is bilateral. You need to put your faith entirely in Jesus. You also need to show Him that He can trust you. Stay close to Jesus. As for your faith in Jesus, if you have not seen and felt His helping hand, you have nothing else to go than to read the Bible and see how faithful and forgiving our God was. As you grow in your faith, you will become more attuned to His ways, loyalty, forgiveness, and generosity. Whenever you see it, worship Him. He likes to be thanked for His good deeds, the same way we love when our good deeds are recognized.

3. Ask: Ask God to chase the ghost out of your house. With God’s help, everything becomes much simpler to attain. Use the help. Don’t go it alone. Watch out for His help. Say thank you at every step along the way to your goal. Moreover, when we usually get something, there is a price to pay. Nothing is free in our lives. Figure out how you can pay back God and do it quickly. There are many forms of payment. It does not have to be money. Figure out how you could please God. What action would please Him? Then do it with all your heart.

4. Need: You need to be sleeping at night and not listening to the noise. You need your home to be peaceful. The spirit invaded your brain and now consumes your thoughts. It is taking over your life. The ghost MUST go. If it stays, it will destroy your life. This situation is perilous. Do not take it lightly.

5. Sin: I am sure you recognized that the invitation and performance of witchcraft were sins. But you cannot change what has happened. So you need to do what needs to be done. Go on your knees and be humble. Repent and ask God for his forgiveness. Do it fast. Every minute counts.

6. Lure: Beware of not committing any further transgressions against God, other people, and yourself. Pay attention to all the temptations. Watch your thinking. Protect yourself from acting impulsively. Ask Jesus to help you. Talk to your family member, and explain the danger he or she put you in, ask him or her to restrain from any such actions in the future. But life is not only about you. Explain to him or her the danger he or she is in. Help your family member to get out of the dangerous situation. Do it together, it will strengthen the relationship between God, your family member, and yourself. If you need help with it, contact me. Grow from this awful situation!

I hope this helps. Let me know the outcome.
Warm regards,

Next Steps

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