Prayer is not Optional

The Power of Prayer

We communicate with God through prayer. No relationship works without communication. We pray about our daily lives, what we like, our problems, or anything else we want God to be involved in. Of course, God knows all about us. Our prayers tell Him how closely we want Him to be involved in our lives.

When we pray, when we share our thoughts, our relationship gets stronger. When we praise Him, we open our hearts and love becomes possible. When we ask Him for guidance, the Holy Spirit gets to work. When we ask for His help, all things become possible.

Prayers become even more powerful when more than one person prays. As we pray for others, we become their advocates in front of God. Moreover, our hearts grow softer when we focus more on other people and less on ourselves. Once our heart softens, we hear God’s voice louder. Our faith becomes stronger. The act of praying opens doors not only for the ones we pray for, but also for ourselves.

Send your Prayer Requests

So, if you need help or want to share something, do not hesitate to send in your prayer request. It helps both of us. Moreover, since I now have some prayer warriors helping me, your prayer requests help these prayer warriors, too. When I distribute the prayer requests, I only provide the first letter of your first name and request. Your privacy is kept intact.

Learning from Prayer Answers

Once in a while, I take a prayer and analyze it on my blog. These posts serve as guidance for Do-it-Yourself coaching. The new posts deal with the topic at hand in the systematic manner of the Prayer Pyramid method. The consistency of using this proprietary method shows you how to use it to analyze your own problems. Keep in mind that the method is based on the Lord’s Prayer, which is one of Jesus’ gift to us.


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