I want you to see how the Lord’s prayer can be used to define the proper action to a situation. I will always change the name of the individual who sends me prayers and will modify the requests, so they become unidentifiable. For simplicity, I use the name Kate instead of Katharina.

Do you have a prayer request? Send it to me, and I will pray for you. I also invite you to join me in praying.

Dear Kate Prayer Requests


Dear Kate,
I am crippled by fears and have become very passive. I take medication and get counseling, but they don’t seem to help. My wife told me you have a prayer that works and that I should write to you. I do not believe in God, but am willing to do anything to get rid of the panic attacks.
Please help!

Dear Peter,
I am praying for you. However, I do not ask God to remove your fears since they are signs of your separation from God. Consider yourself happy to have them! It shows that God cares about you, that he is inviting you to get on board. I can see only two ways that your panic attacks will subside. You continue your rebellion against God and get completely lost, or you accept Jesus in your life. The decision is all yours. I pray for you to make the right choice. In the meantime, keep taking your medication and stay in (hopefully Christian) counseling.
Warm regards,

Dear Kate,
I lost my job and cannot find a new one although I am searching hard. I don’t know how I will feed my children if this continues.
Please pray for a job! Thanks,

Dear Angie,
I recognize you are in a very uncomfortable situation. Let’s put some light into it. From your description, I assume you have enough money to pay the bills today. Stop worrying about tomorrow. God always comes through! Keep in mind that our worries are an insult to God since they show that we do not trust Him.
Instead of worrying, take the time to ask yourself the real question: What is the reason for this job stop? What do you need to accomplish? Do not focus on the secular perspective when searching for answers. Instead, ask yourself how much time you spent with God while still working. Did you sin? Did you create any barriers between Him and yourself? If so, you need to acknowledge them and ask for forgiveness. You also need a plan to change this behavior once you have a new job. God does not want you to continue your life the way you led it.
Maybe God also has a much better plan in mind for you. However, since you do not trust Him or yourself enough, you would never give up anything that is halfway decent. So He has to force the change! Listen carefully what the Holy Spirit tells you what He has in mind for you. Then make the needed changes quickly.
The worst thing you could do is to take a similar job as before and go on with your life the way you used to live it. You would learn nothing from your situation. You would miss out on a good relationship with God and with life. Be happy that this job has not presented itself yet. Do your homework first, then the right job and life will show up. I am praying that the Holy Spirit helps you find the causes of your job stop and that you will address them quickly.
Warm regards,

Dear Kate,
My work has become extremely stressful. I am in charge of a large project. There are some problems, which will result in the project being late. My boss tells me to cut corners and get the project out on time. It is not the first time this happens. I need the job, and so far I have always complied. But this time I have a real hard time. Please pray for a miracle.
Thank you.

Dear Clarence,
With God all things are possible. I will pray for a miracle although I believe, it is already happening. You are learning first-hand the impact of sin.
Let’s take a closer look at the situation. You are responsible for leading the project to a successful finish: planned quality, time, and resources. Taking shortcuts is the equivalent of lying on quality. The secular view is to analyze the impact of the drop in quality. Does it hurt anybody? If yes, you need to take action. If not, just do it.
The Christian perspective, however, is different. Remember, there is no grading of sin. All sins lead to death. By complying with your boss’s demands to cut corners, you started a chain of destruction. The lying makes you feel uneasy and guilty. To lower this feeling, you start rationalizing your actions with arguments such as that you need this job. You are now lying to yourself! So when you first sinned against the project’s customer, you now doubled down against yourself. You have two factions within yourself: one that feels guilty and the other one who covers all up, dishing out more and more lies. One such lie is that the boss orders you to take shortcuts. However, the decision to sin is always ours. This situation creates a split personality and an internal war. It creates stress, uses up your energies and prevents you from doing what you are supposed to do. Moreover, all this lying creates a barrier to God. You are losing your peace of mind and experience anxiety and psychological torments. You now live in hell! You have effectively blocked your blessings!
Be assured, you can turn this around. First, you need to acknowledge that you lied. This action will unite your split personalities. You also must ask for forgiveness as well as forgive your boss and everybody else you blame for your situation. This action will reopen your communication paths with God. Now you have addressed the sins you committed.
It is time to address the issue in the first place. You simply cannot continue responding to your boss’s request to take shortcuts. So what should you do? You have several options. You can talk to your boss. You may even give him this response since he is in the same boat. You can also evaluate if you are at the right place or not, or whether this is a message to move on. Maybe you can even unblock the project, find better ways of dealing with the problems. How do you know what you need to do? Read the bible, create the communication path with God, learn His language, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. These steps will unblock your blessings once you have dealt with your sins!
Warm regards,