Crossing my Jordan

When I crossed my Jordan, the Atlantic, I began my new life. I cannot live without Jesus anymore. So I moved to Lynchburg, Virginia and started from scratch. I wanted to experience Christian thinking and lifestyle within the Bible Belt. So far, I have not been disappointed. I came across Christian reasoning on a daily basis, with friends, in the store, at the bank and even while car shopping. It is very refreshing!

I cannot continue my professional life as I did before, keeping my faith to myself and reasoning entirely in a secular way. I would just waste the opportunity of my new life! Christians have three responsibilities: to love God, people, and oneself. With my move, I am making God the centerpiece of my existence. To love people means to help each other. My wish is to support people by coaching them in new ways and thinking to deal with their struggles. I achieve self-love when I can do the right job with the right purpose within a Christian context. Hence, I am shooting for a triple win!

I feel well prepared for my new task. My professional background is broad and profound. I have worked in Healthcare (intensive care nursing), Finances (investing services), and Operations (hospital management). Marketing (medical devices), Web Services (design, programming, and database management), and Innovation (market research and consulting). I have multiples degrees: MBA, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Mathematics, Diploma in General Nursing, and Certification in Intensive Care Nursing. I learned much more on my own, and keep abreast of new theories, methods, and technologies.

I am putting my knowledge and experiences in a Christian context to help you cross your Jordan!

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