Clarence – Boss wants shortcuts

Dear Kate, my work has become extremely stressful. I am in charge of a large project. There are some problems, which will result in the project being late. My boss tells me to cut corners and get the project out on time. It is not the first time this happens. I need the job, and so far I have always complied. But this time I have a real hard time. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you. Clarence

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‘Dear Kate’ – Prayer Requests

I want you to see how the Lord’s prayer can be used to define the proper action to a situation. I will always change the name of the individual who sends me prayers and will modify the requests, so they become unidentifiable. For simplicity, I use the name Kate instead of Katharina.

Do you have a prayer request? Send it to me, and I will pray for you. I also invite you to join me in praying.