Blessings Coaching

Do you feel your life is not where it should be? Do you have money or relationship problems? Do you have issues of trust? Are you always worrying? Do you miss the direction of your life? Are you at a cross-road and want some neutral feedback? Do you know you need to make some changes but do not know what to change or where to start?


Chances are that you spiritually block your blessings. This is especially the case if nothing has worked that you did to alleviate the problems.

If you feel you hit a wall, work more and more without making any progress, I strongly recommend this coaching. We will quickly find and address these issues so your life gets back on track. 

Coaching Methodology

The general coaching method is described on the Christian Life Coaching page. Moreover, I have created a proprietary tool to quickly assess your spiritual health and to uncover the blockages. The results serve as the baseline and roadmap for the blessings coaching. Within this framework, we will improve step-by-step the areas of your life that ruin your life.

While I have worked both in the health and financial fields before, my coaching methodology focuses primarily on the spiritual side. It is the fastest and most effective way to address all your blessing problems.

You control the amount of my involvement. All coaching is done virtually per phone or online.

Start the Process

Start by ordering your coaching. Order either a single coaching session, a weekly or monthly subscription depending on your needs.