Blessings Coaching

argument-2022605_640Do you feel your life is not where it should be? Do you have relationship problems? Do you have issues of trust? Do you have other problems? Are you always worrying? Do you miss the direction of your life? Are you at a cross-road and want some neutral feedback? Do you know you need to make some changes but do not know what to change or where to start? As your Christian life coach, I help you find answers and provide support throughout the process of change.

Life Coaching Helps You Get on the Right Track

Life coaching has multiple effects. Many people sort out issues for themselves when they talk about it. As an active life coach and active listener, I interject questions and observations that will give you new ideas. You get out of circular thinking and feelings that lead to nowhere and mess up your relationships.

My life coaching mostly focuses on the present and future. I use my life experience, knowledge, and specific tools and methods to help you overcome your challenges. You gain direction and skills so you can move forward.

My Life Coaching Starts with the Blessing Blocker Test


Given that the Lord’s Prayer covers most, if not all problems, I created a proprietary method using this gift from Jesus as the basis. The Blessing Blocker Test serves as the baseline and roadmap for the basic blessings coaching. Within this framework, we will improve step-by-step the areas of your life that block your blessings.

The Coaching Methodology

bible-216962The relationship with Jesus is central to my coaching. Together, we will be looking at the state of your faith and your relationship with Jesus, and how they impact your daily life. We will be looking at and working on sin and temptations if they create blockages. You will get the tools to lead a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

You control the amount of my involvement. I offer an option of self-coaching through the Blessing Portal. Adding a single session helps to define the priorities and actions. Most often, 4 coaching sessions are used to get started, implement some of the necessary changes and evaluate their impact. Adding more coaching sessions is possible.

Self-Coaching in the Blessing Portal

Self-coaching is the most affordable coaching solution. You get access to the Blessing Portal, which hosts the Blessing Blocker Test, the report, and some coaching hints. Hence, you will know where to start making changes and some ideas on what to do and how to think about it. When ordering self-coaching coaching, select the Blessing Portal.

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Virtual and In-Office Coaching

We work together virtually over the phone or in my office in Lynchburg, VA. Coaching usually does not require months or years of consultations. Many topics are resolved with just a few sessions. Hence, you can order either a single coaching session or 4 sessions at a reduced price. Of course, if you desire to prolong the help, you can add either single or four sessions at any time. When ordering coaching sessions, select the number of sessions desired. All orders of coaching sessions include access to the Blessing Portal.

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I work with psychologically healthy people. If you have physical or psychological problems, you should consult with a clinical professional first.