Angie – Cannot Find a Job

Dear Kate,
I lost my job and cannot find a new one although I am searching hard. I don’t know how I will feed my children if this continues.
Please pray for a job! Thanks,

Dear Angie,

I recognize you are in a very uncomfortable situation. Let’s put some light into it. From your description, I assume you have enough money to pay the bills today. Stop worrying about tomorrow. God always comes through! Keep in mind that our worries are an insult to God since they show that we do not trust Him.

Instead of worrying, take the time to ask yourself the real question: What is the reason for this job stop? What do you need to accomplish? Do not focus on the secular perspective when searching for answers. Instead, ask yourself how much time you spent with God while still working. Did you sin? Did you create any barriers between Him and yourself? If so, you need to acknowledge them and ask for forgiveness. You also need a plan to change this behavior once you have a new job. God does not want you to continue your life the way you led it.

Maybe God has a much better plan in mind for you. However, since you do not trust Him or yourself enough, you would never give up anything that is halfway decent. So He has to force the change! Listen carefully what the Holy Spirit tells you what He has in mind for you. Then make the needed changes quickly.

The worst thing you could do is to take a similar job as before and go on with your life the way you used to live it. You would learn nothing about your situation. You would miss out on a good relationship with God and with life. Be happy that this job has not presented itself yet. Do your homework first, then the right job and life will show up. I am praying that the Holy Spirit helps you find the causes of your job stop and that you will address them quickly.

Warm regards,

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