How God Handles Blessings

Learn from the Bible: The Parable of the Bags of Gold (Matthew 25: 14-28) illustrated.

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  1. How God handles blessings. A lesson from the Bible: Parable of the bags of gold, Matthew 25: 14-28
  2. Parable: The master goes on a journey
  3. Parable: The master distributes 9 bags of gold
  4. Parable: The servants work the blessings
  5. Parable: The master returns
  6. Parable: The master gets angry
  7. Message: We get what we can handle
  8. Message: Put the blessings to good use
  9. Message: Get blessed over and over again
  10. Message: Consequences of not using the blessings!
  11. Takeaway

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